Introducing crossfire|g7

The new Crossfire g7 was designed with the success of ortho-pedo practices in mind. Crossfire g7 combines Oasys' cutting edge software solutions with new technology that targets and combats areas where errors and time constraints are most likely to occur.


Put your practice on the road to success with our highly sought-after features designed to make your office flow efficiently and smoothly.

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Oasys Virtual Cloud Solutions

Reduce downtime and vulnerabilities by transitioning your practice from your server to Oasys Virtual Cloud Solution

Fast access from any compatible device

Enjoy data assurance with immediate cloud backup...100% cloud-based, no server maintenance...Prices starting at $399/month including maintenance and support*



Off-site Data Backup & Verification
National Support Triage Program
System Monitoring
Remote Network Help Desk
Network, Equipment, and 3rd Party Software Support


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    Enjoy data assurance with immediate cloud backup, 100% cloud-based, no server maintenance...Prices starting at $399/month including maintenance and support*

Oasys Overview

The vision driving Oasys is to streamline your practice with easy-to-use, fully-integrated software applications. We carefully engineered Oasys Crossfire to provide computer software for all of your needs. With the complete Oasys practice management system, you can create a paperless office immediately. If you prefer to work in stages, you can implement Oasys's modules as your needs dictate, growing Oasys Crossfire as your practice grows. Oasys provides great software integration to your office's unique requirements, including the following components:

  • Practice Management and Imaging Suite: Imaging with collage, Scheduling, Accounting, Lighting, Patiet Check-In, Patient Self Check-Out, Task Administrator, User Assignments, Reminder and Conversation Suystem, Paperless Document Management System, Insurance (Electranic), Patient Query and Comprehensive Reporting System
  • Treatment Card and Treatment Plan Module
  • Graphical Tooth Chart Module
  • Business Intelligence with Interactive Reports and Pivot Cube
  • Workflow Automation
  • Oasys Ceph Module
  • Envision Module (ScreenPlay)
  • 3D Module (Anatomage)
  • Texting & Emoil Modules
  • InFlow Web Based Input (i.e. Patient Medical History)