Crossfire’s InFlow service provides a patient portal for your patients and responsible parties. The service is web-based so your patients can access their information from anywhere. There are also free iPhone and Android apps which can be downloaded, giving the office an easy way to have patients and responsible parties update their patient information and fill out their medical history forms online. The patients and responsible parties will also be able to view their historical and upcoming appointments. The information is updated real-time to the office's InFlow Dashboard, where the user can approve the changes made by the patient and/or responsible party and with a quick click. The information is then updated in your Crossfire software, so no more double-entry of data.

There will be many more phases/additions to InFlow in the very near future, which will include the ability to view account balances, change appointments based on the office's scheduling templates, and pay on their accounts. The office will also be able to send push notifications to the patients and responsible parties and so much more!

To watch the demonstration video on InFlow, click on the play button to the right.